How to Use Pinterest at an Agency Level

June 5, 2018

Pinterest is no longer that little social network that moms use for their DIY projects. The site has grown into a full-fledged resource used by people of all ages and businesses of all types. It’s grown so much, in fact, that it recently surpassed Snapchat and Twitter in monthly active users!

With all of this growth, it may be time to get your agency on Pinterest as well. This can be a great opportunity to gain overall exposure to your business while also providing inspiration for your team. But how can you successfully execute this?

Here are four ways your agency can utilize Pinterest:

Present Professional Work

Like your other social media profiles, Pinterest can be a great platform to highlight the work you do for your company and your clients. Excited to share that completed case study? Pin it! Ready to reveal your client’s redesigned logo? Pin it! Looking to educate others with your company’s blog posts? You guessed it: pin it! Your options are endless from the amount of professional content you can share. By the way, don’t forget to use those #hashtags in the pin descriptions. Those will help your content reach even more Pinners.

Showcase Company Culture

Like many other agencies and businesses, you likely see the value of sharing what’s happening around the workplace. From work outings to birthday and anniversary celebrations to that updated conference room or kitchen, this kind of content thrives on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The same can be said for Pinterest. Pinners around the world may be searching for terms like “workplace activities” or “office remodel” to gather inspiration, and your company’s content could very well be front and center in those results.

Get Your Team Inspired

As our social team was determining our agency’s Pinterest strategy, we knew early on that we wanted this platform to also serve as an internal inspiration tool. We felt that our departments could use Pinterest to save their ideas and search for other content to help them in their current and future projects. So, we established department-specific boards for our creative, account, digital, content and social teams that our agency could refer back to and contribute to whenever they liked. Each department has a team member that oversees their team-specific board and encourages their group to utilize Pinterest and repin content they find inspirational. Our agency enjoys having this extra outlet to source creative solutions to the tasks they face on a daily basis, and yours could too.

Connect with Like-Minded Profiles

Aside from specific search queries, where does your team find inspiration? Is it from certain advertising or marketing news sources? How about global brands and businesses? Or perhaps your competitors? Chances are that the majority of them have a Pinterest account and are publishing content on a somewhat regular basis. You can choose to follow those profiles, or just specific boards of theirs, and your home feed will soon be a satisfying blend of their content as well as pin recommendations from Pinterest. What’s great is that the more profiles you follow, the better Pinterest understands what you like searching for and interacting with, and it will populate your feed with more specific content you’ll likely find beneficial.

Want to get more ideas for using Pinterest at your business? Take a look at our Commit Agency Pinterest profile here and feel free to connect with us if you have more questions. We’d be happy to help!