The Top 20 Marketing
Trends for 2020

As an industry, we have never experienced so much growth as quickly as we are today. Sure, it’s natural for industries to evolve as new trends, tools and technologies are introduced. But the combination of the volume of trends and the speed at which they’re being introduced has made the past couple years feel like you’re looking out the window of your car watching a train speed past in the opposite direction.

In years past, we have released a white paper uncovering our top 10 marketing trends for the upcoming year. But why not go into 2020, we pondered, with 20 trends shaping the industry? So that’s what we’ve done.

We start out our white paper with overarching trends that will be impossible to ignore in 2020:

• Political advertising
• Authentic customer experiences
• Video

Ready to read more about these three and see the other 17 trends we’re watching?

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