Connection Economy: How Reviews Influence Consumer Behavior

Not too long ago, you wouldn’t even hesitate before dropping into that burger place around the corner you’ve never been to so you can see just how good their burgers really are (even if they are voted “Best Burger in the City Four Years in a Row” by the local rag).

But today? You probably wouldn’t even step inside Barb’s Burger Bar before first checking out its Yelp review and asking your pals on Facebook if they’ve ever been there.

Times have changed, and today’s consumers are driven by their peers’ reviews and ratings of companies on myriad digital and social channels—and then making purchase decisions based on those real-life experiences. It’s this new “Connection Economy” that has made review sites the first (and sometimes only) stop savvy consumers make when considering any kind of purchase, from what hotel to stay at to what restaurant to try, and everything in between.

The reality is that reviews are relevant for just about any industry—not just the “usual suspects” like hotels, restaurants and retail shops. People are turning to review sites to shop around for doctors, transportation options, realtors, insurance providers and just about any consumer-facing company.

In this white paper presented by Commit Agency and emotive[x], we’ll get a reality check on reviews (just how many there are), why brands should pay attention to them, why your star rating doesn’t tell the whole story and how you can boost your company’s revenue simply by taking a deeper dive into each review.

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