Service Design & Consumer Experiences

Service Design and Consumer Experiences are two separate aspects of what we at Commit call Experience Design. But they are tightly married in both approach and realization. Your customers crave a consistent brand experience throughout their journey. Take the brands we all aspire to: Apple, Nike, Target and even McDonald’s. They know who they are, what they stand for and, most importantly, how to connect with their target audience to inspire repeat sales. How? By designing services and experiences that live their truth, always with an eye on the Consumer Experience. You can be a machine when it comes to consistency, but if you haven’t done your homework on how your customers want to experience your services, well, you’re dead in the water. From phone scripts and traffic flow to websites, uniforms, signature scents, collateral, sales funnels and so much more, connecting your brand message and products consistently to your consumers at every touchpoint, in the most frictionless way possible for THEM, is incredibly important.

Service Design

Service Design involves creating an actual service for your consumers to interact with. This is behind-the-scenes type magic here, where, when done right, produces a seamless, intuitive way for your customers to get from Point A to Purchase. From simple to extensive, this could be as streamlined as point of contact messaging (ie, phone scripts, in-person greetings and online calls-to-action) to complete customer journey mapping, which would include consistent, but targeted messaging for every point along a consumer’s path to purchase, whether they don’t yet know who you are or are actively in the shopping process.

Consumer Experiences

Consumer Experiences takes Service Design to a higher plane of existence by marrying process and tangible elements to create the uber important consumer experience. This is how your customers will interact with the service. What they see. How it makes them feel. Is the process engaging? Compelling? Even, fun? Will they come back for more? Does the look and feel represent your brand well? And on. And on. It’s fun. It’s intense. And Commit has a proven track record of doing it really, really well. We’d love to talk to you about it in detail!