What is the value of experience? Here at Commit Agency, we recognize that reviews drive purchasing decisions more than any other factor in this ever-evolving global marketplace. Which is why we developed emotive[x], a set of services that allows us to harness the power of ratings and reviews to define and create share-worthy customer experiences that affect positive economic change for your brand. How does it work? emotive[X] identifies what your consumers want, then translates that insight into the design and implementation of differentiating experiences that generate a significant competitive advantage—with measurable results.


The experience is at the core of the emotive[x] brand look and feel, which is demonstrated throughout every brand touchpoint. The name emotive[x] took shape when our strategy team began talking about the emotive (experiential) and functional aspects of every experience. It is the evolution of user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) that perfectly encapsulates the importance of emotive experiences. The tagline “The experience is everything” speaks for itself.


Primarily using social media platforms to build brand awareness and amplification, emotive[x] developed a unique style and direction that embodies the customer experience. Photos are experience-rich and compelling, with a short copy overlay directing to new blog content on the website. Elsewhere on the website, blog content is added regularly that provides new thinking and ideas related to customer experience.