Commit Agency took the standard resort bar look and feel of Elevations and enhanced it in a way that is emblematic of the property’s upscale lodge feel. Everything from the typography to the menu design was purposefully crafted to naturally exude rustic charm. A way station for adventurers throughout their journey, Elevations has become a gathering place for conversation, inspiration and entertainment. Immersed in this warm and inviting environment, guests discover a place that is quintessentially Colorado.


Today, Elevations fulfills the overarching brand essence of Cheyenne Mountain Resort through regionally-inspired cuisine that is authentic and genuine, like the Buffalo Reuben and Rocky Mountain Oyster “Calamari.” The essence of the region is further showcased through locally-sourced beverage pairings, with the naturally breathtaking landscape surrounding guests an aspirational vista filled with the promise of future explorations.

In addition to the cuisine, other guest touchpoints were designed to encourage conversation and expose diners to the breadth of experiences to be had in Colorado Springs. As diners read through the Elevations menu, for example, they will see descriptions of three nearby experiences any adventure-seeker would revel in. These conversation-starters naturally prompt servers to point out their favorite local adventures to their guests. The entire dining experience, from beginning to end, allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the convivial nature of this Colorado gem.

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