Located in central Phoenix along the iconic Camelback Corridor, The Camby opened its doors on Christmas Eve 2015 following the completion of a major property overhaul and rebrand from the building’s previous occupant, the Ritz-Carlton. The undertone of “Refined Revelry” is reflected in all guest touch points, from the funky bowtie-wearing food servers (who are called BFFs, or Beverage and Food Fanatics) to the camel-shaped green topiary near the porte cochere. The challenge for Commit Agency was to introduce this entirely new brand to locals and prospective guests who had experienced the Ritz-Carlton and may not be aware of the change.


Gradually, as guests and visitors started gathering at this new hotspot, they would inevitably take photos and post on Instagram—many times using The Camby’s unique art installations as backdrops (such as the bike in the lobby with mirrored wheels or the cow skull sconce donning a copper nose ring). Since its opening, the Instagram content mix incorporated user-generated content, The Camby’s own photography as well as that of local bloggers and social influencers who continue to flock to The Camby for a stunning backdrop. Instagram users regularly tag The Camby and use the property’s hashtags (#refinedrevelry and #thecamby), and the property amassed 1,000 Instagram followers (not to mention more than 9,000 on Facebook, where UGC is also repurposed) in less than six months since its opening.


As a result of Commit’s efforts, The Camby’s Facebook engagement rate was significantly higher than the industry average and about eight times greater its local competitors in the first few months after opening. Similarly, the Instagram engagement rate was twice as high as the industry benchmark and four times that of the local comp set. Additionally, website traffic coming from social channels was about 3 percent higher than the industry average.

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