Why Google Business Profile Manager is Essential to Your Company

July 24, 2019

Google Business Profile Manager (GBPM) has quickly become one of the most essential communication tools for all types of companies. Since its inception in 2014 GBPM continues to evolve and is now considered by many to be the most important digital asset for a business.

Whether you are looking to attract new customers, showcase products/services or give general updates to your existing customer base, GBPM has all of the tools you will need.

Attracting New Customers

If you are looking to get new traffic through your doors, having a professional Google Business Profile Manager profile is critical. Add professional images, location hours, website and phone information. Customers searching for businesses are always more likely to go with ones that have all pertinent information available.

Reviews are probably the most important part of attracting new customers. Getting a high score on this is key to staying relevant in searches. When searching in Google Maps, there is a function to only show profiles with a review rating higher than what the customer chooses. If your review score is a 3.7 and a customer chooses to look at businesses with 4.0 and higher your profile won’t show up for that customer. Reviews can also help you understand what customers like and dislike about your business. This is quality information and should be scrutinized often.

Product Showcasing

A new function (still in beta for some) allows a business to add products or services straight from their website to show up on their profile in GBPM. This feature will help gain conversions straight from the search page.

Informative Posts

Keeping your customers informed will generate revenue, lead to a better overall experience and get you those highly valuable reviews. Have an upcoming sale, event, or road closure you need to let your customers know about? In addition to sending your existing customers an informational email, you can also add a “post” to Google Business Profile Manager.


If you want customers to find you, Google Business Profile Manager is essential. Make your profile look professional and give the customer as much information as possible. Earn reviews that are worth being proud of and don’t forget to post your events and important information. Keep in mind, your profile will take time to perfect and should always continue to be curated.

If you have any questions or need any help getting started, send us a message and we will be happy to help!