Top Digital Marketing Services To Consider When Choosing a New Agency  

August 15, 2022

All digital marketing agencies will promise you the world. And, the good ones can help deliver on that promise. But, many will say they can do everything you want them to do. But how do you know which services are most important? How can you tell if the agency can deliver on its promises?

Let’s take a look at the digital marketing services you should expect from an experienced, top-tier agency. Your business may not need every one of these services, but you never know how your future needs might evolve or new opportunities to scale might evolve. Look for an agency that excels in these areas, among others.


In the minds of consumers, your brand is all you have. It’s what makes your business appeal to potential customers, and it’s what your company stands for in good times and bad.

The problem is that some companies don’t know what they’re all about. There’s nothing wrong with that — everyone has to start somewhere, after all. However, ill-advised branding leads businesses to not present their authentic selves to the public. This leads to a marketing message that doesn’t match the heart and soul of the business.

A good digital marketing agency will work with your business to discover what your company is really all about. Once you know who you are and what you’re trying to achieve, your agency can start to build materials, logos, color schemes, and elements that are unique to your brand. This is something you can’t really do on your own because you need an outside voice to truly bring your brand out of its shell.

Website Production

If your brand is your company’s identity, your website is your public-facing image. Your company’s website is where people can obtain information about your business, but it’s so much more than that.

It conveys your brand’s message, not just through your words, but through your imagery and style. A sleek, modern website cements your brand’s image as a cutting-edge organization that’s always on top of emerging trends.

Creating a website of this caliber requires technological skills, top-of-the-line software, and the vision to conceive and execute redesigns on a regular basis. It’s virtually impossible to make all of that happen while still performing your other duties at a high level.

Working with a digital marketing agency allows you to keep your website design at the forefront of your industry, while still allowing you the time necessary to get things done. That assistance with your website is what allows you to fully get the maximum benefit from your site.

Content Creation

Now that you’ve got a website that meets your exact specifications, what are you going to post to it? Content is king when it comes to digital marketing, especially for small business organizations that need to build a following from the ground up.

Good content doesn’t just sit on your website. It brings your site to life. It gives consumers a reason to care about your business, and it encourages them to begin their path to purchase. Best of all, compelling content has the ability to reach people who don’t know who you are and have yet to visit your site.

Content can also be placed on other sites, such as YouTube and Medium, in order to get additional eyeballs on your brand’s message. But it takes an experienced marketer to know where, how, and when to post to get the most exposure. A digital marketing agency will take care of the content creation and posting so that you can take care of the business end of your operation.


Most people have heard of search engine optimization, even if they aren’t completely aware of how SEO works. The reason why so many people don’t get how SEO works is that the rules behind search engine marketing change constantly. With every tweak of Google’s algorithm comes yet another change to the SEO practices of businesses worldwide.

It’s a lot to keep track of. But with the help of a digital marketing agency, you don’t have to worry about a thing. It’s up to the agency to keep up with Google’s whims. It’s their job to make sure you’ll be able to draw in traffic, no matter what the current search engine rules might be. And a good agency will do exactly that.

SEO is critical because it combines everything we’ve discussed so far — particularly your website and your content — and uses it to target searchers that are likely to be interested in your products. It’s an important discipline that’s a critical part of all digital marketing strategies. It’s not something to be taken lightly. And with the right marketing agency at your disposal, you can be sure your SEO is in good hands.

User Experience

We spoke earlier about the difficulties of juggling website management alongside everyday business functions. As hard as that is, it’s an even greater challenge to optimize the user experience along all of your customer touchpoints — whether it be on your website, on social media, via email, or even through in-store locations.

Why? Because there’s simply too much to do. Continuing business as usual is a full-time job in and of itself. There’s also too much familiarity with how things are at present time, and there’s not enough incentive to break from the “That’s how we’ve always done it” mentality.

To completely reimagine what the customer goes through, and then to take the necessary steps to delight the consumers at every step, requires a fresh set of eyes and an outside perspective, not to mention the time and creativity necessary to convert this vision into reality.

A digital marketing agency can help with streamlining the user experience in ways most businesses can’t even fathom on their own. That’s because marketing agencies know what consumers want, and they know how to make those things happen.

Most importantly, agencies can connect the dots between all of the moving arms of your business, so that a customer gets the same great experience on social media as they do on your website.

The user experience isn’t one big item. It’s actually the summation of many smaller moments that make the customer elated, all working together to comprise an unforgettable experience. A digital marketing agency can help you to make your user experience the best it can possibly be, wowing customers at every turn.

How to Find a Good Agency

Now that you know the importance of working with a digital marketing agency, how can you spot the good agencies from the impostors? Here are a few things to look for as you consider a digital marketing agency.

Desired Services

The services we’ve discussed are just a starting point for what you might need from a digital marketing agency. If you’re building from the ground up, each of these is a must-have. But this is by no means a comprehensive list. Market research, social media management, reputation management, media buying, and integrated marketing campaigns are some other services you might want from your next marketing agency. An agency like Arizona-based Commit Agency provides a multi-faceted, comprehensive approach to digital marketing, offering tools and services that can benefit any business.

Future Needs

Along the same lines, choose a marketing agency that will be able to serve you over the long term. You might have different needs three months from now, let alone three years from now. Can the agency you choose handle what you’ll need, both now and later? While you won’t know exactly what you need until the moment arises, try to envision the future and think about what you’ll require from your agency as your company grows.

Track Record of Success

As we said at the beginning of this article, every company you meet with will swear up and down that they can do exactly what you ask. But what’s your proof? Ask for examples of times the agency has worked with organizations similar to yours. Ask to see previous campaigns, and ask about the ROI those companies have achieved. If an agency can’t provide this information, they’re not a group you should consider.

Good Fit

Even if the previous three criteria are met, ask yourself if you’re fully comfortable with the agency. Make sure there’s nothing that makes you uncomfortable or puts you on edge. Those little things will surely become major issues as time elapses. Instead of ignoring those factors, strive to find an agency that makes things easy for you.

Choose an agency that wants your business, is willing to work hard on your behalf, and is capable of growing alongside your company. Make sure your team gets along with their team and that there are no personality or philosophical conflicts.

With those items checked off, it’s time to get to work.

The right digital marketing agency can take your entire business to new heights. By putting your marketing in the hands of a top-notch agency, you’ll cultivate your brand and move your marketing forward, while still being able to handle your day-to-day operations. To learn more about what a digital marketing agency can do for your company, contact us at Commit Agency today.