The Brave New World of Virtual Reality Marketing

October 7, 2016

Virtual reality marketing is in its infancy, but few approaches hold as much promise for today’s brands.

It’s natural to feel a little skeptical about this. After all, the idea of virtual reality long preceded its practical application. Previous iterations of virtual or augmented reality tended to be a bit underwhelming with regard to execution and user experience.

But now that the technology has evolved, the promise of virtual reality is being fulfilled. For example, look no further than this year’s unavoidable virtual phenomenon, Pokemon Go. The mobile app, which renders the outside world into a virtual map that players can explore, reached 100 million downloads in August—just a few short months after its release.

So why is this technology more useful to marketers than ever before? Here are some reasons why.

Lower Cost

Producing compelling virtual reality marketing content used to be prohibitively expensive for most organizations. Today, the price of developing such content has fallen considerably, putting it within reach of most brands.

Easily Consumed Content

Effective virtual reality marketing content is highly visible to your target audience. Thanks to technological advances and the public’s increasing familiarity with virtual reality, content is having more of an impact. For example, Google has already shipped five million units of its inexpensive cardboard VR viewer.

Moving the Needle

If you want to derive the most impact from your marketing efforts, a “wow factor” always helps. Virtual reality, when executed skillfully, has the ability to awe viewers. The experience it creates has a profound impact on audiences and can help forge lasting bonds with customers.


Virtual reality marketing has evolved into a powerful marketing tool. Use this technology to create powerful experiences for your audience, and ultimately, you will be elevating your brand.