Quiz: Is Tiktok Your Next Marketing Move?

August 16, 2019

Tiktok has taken the world by storm and marketers are taking notice. With over 1 billion downloads across the globe, the video app known for short-form content is on its way to competing with the top dogs like Facebook and Youtube.

What is it, exactly?

Tiktok describes itself as a short-form mobile video platform designed to empower creators directly from their smartphones. Similar to Vine (rip), Tiktok allows users to record, edit and share quick videos with the community. Popular types of videos seen on the platform include challenges, reactions, dances, duets, and anything that will make you laugh—or cringe.

Currently, there are 500 million active users worldwide, with over 40% of them ages 16-24 years old.

Quiz: Is Tiktok Your Next Marketing Move? | Blog | Commit Agency

Image credit: TikTok

To help determine if you should be marketing your brand using Tiktok, we’ve created a short quiz for you below.


How old is your primary demographic?

A). Younger than 35

B). Older than 35


Does your product or service relate to the younger generation?

A). Yes, young people love our product/service

B). No, not necessarily


Are you willing to create content?

A). Of course!

B). I’m not sure


Would you consider working with an influencer?

A). Absolutely

B). No, too risky


Are you active on other social media accounts?

A). Yep—all of them!

B). I post here and there


Do you keep up with the latest trends and hashtag challenges?

A). For sure, they are the ticket to going viral

B). I just remember the ice bucket challenge


Are you a creative person?

A). I would consider myself creative, yes

B). Not really


If you answered mainly A’s…

Tiktok should be your next marketing move, especially if your product or service caters to the younger generation. In order to keep up with this fast-paced generation, it helps to follow all the trending hashtags and quickly create content worth sharing. If creating videos isn’t really your thing, consider teaming up with a reputable TikTok influencer to promote your brand in one of their videos. Keep in mind that youngsters crave new and engaging content, so if you’re creating (or your influencer is creating) relatable videos that capture viewer’s attention, you might actually have a shot at getting noticed in this untapped market.

If you answered mainly B’s….

Maybe TikTok should not be your next marketing move. If you’re a high-end resort or a luxury patio brand with a demographic of people over the age of 50, TikTok is not where you’re going to reach them. Instead, focus your energy on the social channels where your primary demographic spends most of their time. That’s where you’ll see the highest engagement and results.