Leverage the Power of Experience with User-Generated Content

October 3, 2016

Remember that old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? It’s as true today as it was decades ago when that saying was first coined. Pictures today are also worth a few thousand likes, comments and impressions, thanks to a social media-driven society. Many current brands have figured out a new, authentic way to tell their story through customer photos posted on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Leveraging these experiential snapshots, known as user-generated content, is a powerful tactic when it comes to creating social content for your brand.

The concept of user-generated content is simple on the surface: source photos from social users that are on brand with your company’s mission and repost them. Beneath this is a slew of nuances and best practices. We recently hosted a presentation with  Chute covering the ins and outs of capitalizing on UGC and published a detailed whitepaper to help you better understand UGC. Reading the analysis will answer all of your questions regarding UGC and will help to get you started—or maximize what you’re already doing—so we wanted to share a few key points about user-generated content here.

Build Your Content Arsenal

It can be easy to run low on visual content and unique stories when you’re pushing out post after post on your brand’s social channels. By using UGC, you can build your archive of sharable content and tell many different stories by reposting and highlighting consumer experiences.

Get Your Fans Excited

Your fan base, including current and potential customers, will feel more connected to your brand when you share their experience. Not only are you exposing their photos to, in theory, a much bigger audience, but you are also encouraging other fans to share their experiences by openly sourcing UGC. This helps build brand awareness and fan engagement in one shot.

Authentic is the Way to Go

At Commit, we believe that authenticity is the growing trend on social media. Content can seems robotic and salesy because social has become a key advertising platform. Your fans will appreciate real-world, unproduced content through UGC. After all, sharing inspiring human experiences is the best way to promote your brand. Let the experience do the work for you.
Get the full picture by reading our comprehensive report on UGC, Utilizing User-Generated Content to Reach and Convert Millennials, by clicking here.