How to Refresh a Stale Social Media Marketing Approach

October 12, 2016

Today, the most successful brands have an effective social media marketing strategy that keeps up with the latest trends. But unfortunately, even the best strategies can become stale. So what can you do to keep your social media marketing fresh and compelling?

Here are some helpful tips:

Cultivate a Community

If you want to be successful, build an audience. If you want to be wildly successful, cultivate a community.

Even the best marketing in the world is limited in value if people do not connect with your product or brand. Brands that know how to inspire loyalty create deep and lasting bonds with their customers.

It’s important to note that it’s not always the size of your following or community that is important. Anyone can mindlessly add Twitter followers or Facebook page likes. Rather, it is the intensity of the relationship that counts.

How do you forge strong bonds? Go beyond surface-level engagement. Personalize your message. Engage with your community on a deeper level. Create meaningful experiences with your audience. By doing this, you will cultivate a social media following that truly moves the needle.

Quality Trumps Quantity

Let’s face it, we’re all inundated with social media marketing messages. And this makes it easy for your message to get lost in all the white noise. So why join the fray? And more importantly, how do you stand out?

Instead of focusing on hitting numerical targets, work on improving the quality of your content. Today, social media platforms prioritize relevance and usefulness, so an emphasis on quality over quantity is great for both your audience and your visibility. Quality content that is strategically posted will set you apart from your competitors.

The Power of Video

A few years ago, social media platforms were furiously adapting to the rise of mobile. Today, the same thing is happening with video. In fact, Facebook executives have speculated that the platform could be “all video” in just five years.

If your social media marketing strategy isn’t fully leveraging the power of video, now is the time to start using this powerful tool.

The Result

Social media changes at a whirlwind pace, so it’s important not to let your social media marketing approach grow stale. Follow the advice outlined above and you’ll keep your message fresh and relevant. You will also elevate your brand and cultivate a loyal following.