Agency Rebrand: Brand Definition, Experience Design and Influence Amplification

September 14, 2015

Richard Cassey returns as chief strategy officer, as agency lands significant new clients.

In alignment with recent marketing research showing that today’s consumers find more value in memorable experiences over non-essential items, local advertising agency air INTEGRATED has changed its name to Commit Agency with a focus on defining brands, designing memorable experiences and amplifying influence.

The agency’s re-brand is just one of several significant changes it has ushered in over the past four months. Over the summer, the agency brought on a chief strategy officer, relocated to the East Valley and signed several new clients.

Richard Cassey, one of the founding partners of air INTEGRATED in 1997, has returned as a partner and the agency’s chief strategy officer. “The foundation of Commit Agency was built on the idea that we were going to do something different, and that’s what brought me back to the agency after being gone for four years,” Cassey said. “Our approach is unique from the standpoint that it’s focused on three disciplines: brand definition, consumer experiences and influence. There are a lot of agencies out there that focus on brand development and agencies that work on experience design. There are very few that connect those two, and even fewer that take it a step further and connect brand definition and experiences with the amplification of influence—how to use that brand platform and those experiences to tell great stories and connect with consumers to motivate them to take action.”

Thoughtfully designed consumer interactions informed by a well-defined brand create moments worth remembering and sharing, echoed David Ralls, Commit Agency president. “Consumer behavior drives everything we do, every decision we make and every dollar we spend on behalf of our clients to meet their goals,” he said. “We have homed in on where and how consumers are interacting, and are using that intelligence to create campaigns and experiences that amplify those conversations across myriad marketing channels.” Digital and social media will be a significant focus, with support from traditional marketing channels.

The inspiration behind the decision to rename to Commit Agency comes from the commitment companies must make to deliver meaningful experiences to consumers in order to make their brands stand out, Cassey said. “When we started thinking about the evolution of our agency and what the name should be, we thought about what we demand of ourselves and our clients,” he said. “At the end of the day, what we ask of ourselves and of our clients is to commit. It’s the commitment we make to each other as a team, our commitment to our clients to do exceptional work and deliver optimal results, and our clients’ commitment to us and our process and staying the course. We want clients that are willing to put in that hard work as well.”

In July, the agency moved its office from Phoenix to a loft space in downtown Chandler near the historic San Marcos Golf Resort. “It’s the vibrant, creative spirit of downtown Chandler that really inspired us to relocate here,” said Cassey. “We love being surrounded by creative people and all of these independent boutiques, eateries and bars that really bring this area to life.”

The office’s open floor plan invites increased collaboration, dialogue and energy. New technological features allow team members to collaborate and share content on all screens throughout the office in real-time. Long butcher block tables were placed at bar height so that team members have the option to work while seated or standing. Reclaimed barn wood was sourced from Porter Barn Wood in Phoenix for the pillars and beams, and hardwood floors were installed.

In August, Commit Agency recruited local calligraffiti artist Andy Akers to create a piece of art for the office that represents Commit’s philosophy. The agency’s manifesto was hand-painted in Commit’s signature blue on a 4’x8’ piece of plywood painted black and mounted to create a main focal point. “We love working with creative people and were immediately drawn to Andy and his unique style,” said Cassey. “We are all creatives and believe that having a space that fuels creative thinking through beautiful art and design inspires our team members, and our clients reap the benefits of that inspiration.”

Over the last several weeks, Commit has landed several new accounts in the healthcare, hospitality and home building categories. Joining the agency’s client roster are:

  • Aetna
  • G.S. Fries Construction
  • The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch

“We’re lucky to have clients that believe in what we do and are excited at the direction we’re heading,” Ralls said. “No matter what you do—whether you’re a vacation destination, a health insurance carrier, a home builder or a transportation provider—you have a story to tell. We know how to tell your story and differentiate your brand in meaningful ways through memorable experience design that inspires conversations and amplifies influence.”